Benefits of Using Stored Procedures in Databases

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In this article, we will be discussing about the benefits of using stored procedures in databases. Introduction In a previous article, we have discussed about stored procedures in the SQL Server data platform, and more specifically, we have you’ve learned: How to define a stored procedure in SQL Server Without any input parameters With input … Read more

How to Check SQL Server Version

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In this tech how-to, we will see via different examples, how to check SQL Server version. Since there are many methods for checking the SQL Server version, in this how-to, we will see the most commonly-used methods.   Method 1: Check SQL Server version using @@VERSION One of the most popular ways for checking SQL … Read more

This Month’s Tech Tip – November 2019

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This month’s tech tip is about SQL Server and Azure SQL Database.   Tech Tip: Among other, SQL Server (version 2016 and later) and Azure SQL Database support “Dynamic Data Masking”. This feature, allows the user to set SQL Server to dynamically mask sensitive data from unauthorized access, based on certain rules.   Enroll to … Read more